Shafaa Macrodosing Magic Mushroom Gummies


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SHAFAA’s Macrodose Magic Mushroom Gummies

To create the greatest quality, taste, scent, texture, and potency, Shafaa has worked closely with the most competitive pastry chefs on the market. In order to fully disguise the taste of the mushroom for your psychedelic experience, the mix has been refined. Our store is the ideal place to Buy SHAFAA’s Macrodose Magic Mushroom Gummies. Chocolate mushroom snack are the best edibles

Each of the two delectable flavors—Cherry Cola and Sour Blue Raspberry—of Shafaa macrodosing magic mushroom gummies contains 0.5 grams of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms (also known as Golden Teacher or Penis Envy Shrooms).

chocolate mushroom snack

Magic mushroom consumption is made tastier and smoother with Shafaa sweets.
Avoid eating mushrooms that have a powdery texture or flavor.
With each gummy piece containing 500 mg (0.5 g) of ground mushrooms, you can easily adjust your dosage.
Natural gelatin gummies without gluten or non-natural preservatives.

These safe quantities of Heal (2g) and Dissolve (5g) are available in these 500mg macrodose magic mushroom candies.

there are two choices:

4 (500mg) of the ingredient Heal (2g) $40 worth of candies
Dissolve (5g) costs $95 and comes with 10 (500mg) gummies.

You can pick from 4 flavors:

Raspberry Cherry Cola Sour Blue

Available Options & Dosage Guide:

Dosage Guideline Quantity Total Amount of Psilocybin
Heal 4 x 500mg pieces 2g
Dissolve 10 x 500mg pieces 5g

Never eat more than 5 grams of dry magic mushrooms in a single dose (or an equivalent amount of other derivatives or forms). 2.5 to 3.5 grams of psilocybin mushrooms constitute a typical macrodose.

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Heal (2g) – Cherry Cola, Dissolve (5g)- Cherry Cola, Heal (2g) – Sour Blue Raspberry, Dissolve (5g)- Sour Blue Raspberry


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