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Buy skywalker og strain online Europe. Skywalker OG is considered as one of the most soothing and sedative cannabis varieties. The powerful indica effects of Skywalker OG are the result of a cross between Skywalker (Blueberry x Mazar I Sharif) and OG Kush. However, you can get the best  skywalker og strain for sale, cannabis online kaufen, cannabisöl kapseln kaufen, buy weed in Sweden

The indica Skywalker’s profound drowsiness and numbing effects complement the OG Kush’s pleasant, blissful relaxation. Use on days when you have little to no responsibilities. If you’re trying to get to sleep, Skywalker OG might be the way to go. Skywalker OG has both a sweet and strong flavor. Having a profile that has ensured its massive success in California, with plenty of the typical piney OG earthiness. Even more so in the state’s northern regions.

skywalker og strain for sale

This strain, which is also known as Skywalker OG Kush, has a high THC content, with some tests showing that it can reach up to 26%. The bottom end, at 20%, is still not for amateurs. Because its intoxicating effects are powerful and rapid in onset. Skywalker OG is best described as having spicy herbal and diesel undertones. Inasmuch as it is a strong strain that tastes very similar to how it smells. Nugs are dense and spherical, with a dark olive green color that is offset by white pistils and trichomes. cannabis online kaufen

Skywalker OG is the perfect companion for your cosmic journey. After just a couple of hits, you’ll feel completely stoned. Feel your whole body melt into the sofa, releasing all tension and leaving you blissful. Keep the snacks close by so you don’t have to get up from your joyful high to go get some food. You may feel like you’re floating on air, but your body will be tingling and perhaps numb. Cannabisöl kapseln kaufen, buy weed in Sweden

Skywalker OG’s strong physical high makes it an excellent choice for people with chronic discomfort. This strain is great for providing short-term comfort to a body in distress due to illness or injury. Because you won’t be able to think critically about anything, it’s great for people with severe cases of stress, anxiety, and depression. Just imagine this strain as your ticket to a worry-free night’s sleep. Skywalker OG is also incredibly useful for people who have trouble eating.


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OZ (28 GRAMS), QP (112 GRAMS ), HP (223 GRAMS), LB (443 GRAMS)


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