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Our store is one of the best place to buy paris og strain online Europe. In 2014, the indica-dominant Paris OG strain of cannabis took first place in the High Times Cannabis Cup in Michigan. Aromas of diesel and wood, with hints of pine and citrus, are produce. It has a fruity flavour with a hint of flowery. However, we offer a great opportunity for customers to get   paris og weed for sale, marijuana à vendre france, sativa strains uK, mimosa strain uk

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Paris OG is speculated to have hybrid Headband and Lemon OG Kush as its parents. The Paris OG has been tested at THC levels of 19%, and its high is known to produce classic indica symptoms. If you’re feeling anxious about falling asleep, Paris OG can help you relax. Nighttime or evening consumption is suggested due to its reputation for relieving pain and sleeplessness. Positive emotions will dominate, leading to a possible increase in the desire to eat. Marijuana à vendre france

High dosages of this strain might cause dizziness and psychosis. Upon coming down from the initial high, you may get a headache. It’s typical to experience symptoms like dry mouth and/or eyes. Sativa strains UK, mimosa strain uk

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Cannabinoid Lab Data

Paris OG causes euphoria, happiness, and a tingle sensation, and the full, heavy body high is relaxing and sleepy, making it useful for treating insomnia. You may anticipate floral, citrus, and pine notes to go along with the woodsy diesel aroma. Big, sticky nugs are what you get. Dry mouth and burning eyes are the most commonly reported adverse effects. Despite its French-sounding name, Paris OG is most popular in the American Midwest and Southwest.




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