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Our store remains the best place to buy london pound cake strain online uk. Any fans of Sunset Sherbet would likely be interested in trying other strains she has a hand in creating. The London Pound Cake should definitely be on your list. Cookies Fam Genetics is still mum on the exact genetic combinations that went into making this stunning new strain. But with such potent indica effects, it must be truly remarkable. However, you can also get the best london poundcake strain for sale, buy weed europe delivery, buy weed in belgium, buy weed derry

 london poundcake strain for sale

The THC content in some strains of London Pound Cake can reach 29%, so be warned. Even though the nugs are dense and dark in hue, they have a slightly revitalized aspect. The trichomes and hairs on this plant are a vibrant orange and thick amber, respectively. This lady is for those who want sweeter strains with a balanced combination of sugary and earthy flavors. Her aromas and tastes are a harmonious blend of woody and nutty undertones and bright citrus, berry, and grape notes. Buy weed europe delivery

For seasoned users, LPC may not be as sedating as she appears on paper. For most, her early benefits are more mental than physical, leaving them feeling uplifted and their minds clear even after the most trying days. However, while you’re thinking positively, the affects on your body may sneak up on you and provide a pleasant but subtle drowsiness or feeling of relaxation. It’s recommended that newer users wait to date this girl until their tolerance has increased. Buy weed in belgium, buy weed derry

London pound cake is reported to help with mental health issues like anxiety and has a delicious flavour to boot. PTSD and emotional distress. Some people who experience chronic physical pain report feeling relief after smoking this amount of marijuana. Insomnia sufferers, London pound cake may offer some relief.


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HALF OZ (14g), OZ (28 GRAMS), QP (112 GRAMS ), HP (223 GRAMS), LB (443 GRAMS)


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