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Buy green hornet gummies online Europe. GREEN HORNET GUMMIES Blossoming cherry trees are a sure sign of spring. In an ode to the season, and the stone fruit, one of America’s most iconic edible brands—Cheeba Chews—released its newest Green Hornet gummy and line of hemp-infused taffies. Green hornet gummies for sale,order 500mg edibles Europe, buy weed edibles Netherlands, green hornets edibles for sale

Green Hornet gummies come in Indica, Sativa, hybrid and CBD varieties. Flavors include: mixed fruit, watermelon, grape, green apple, blue raspberry, tropical mango—and now, black cherry. Each package comes with 10 gummies and a 100 mg blend of THC and CBD.

Cheeba Chews’ full-spectrum, hemp-infused taffies are also now available. Hemp chews come in strawberry, sour apple, creamy caramel and original chocolate. Each 100 mg parcel contains four pieces of taffy at 25 mg per treat. More flavor varieties are on the way, said Eric Leslie, the company’s chief marketing officer.

buy green hornet gummies online Europe

Hemp taffies compliment the company’s existing line of products, which come in Sativa, Indica, hybrid, pure CBD and a 1:1 THC-to-CBD variety, but they will be market as a completely separate entity so there’s no confusion between the legal cannabis operations and the hemp-derived product offerings. Order 500mg edibles Europe

Consumers who crave a composite of cannabinoids and flavors inspired the newest Green Hornet gummy. “Looking at an underserved [market], we saw an opportunity to help customers that wanted a blend of both THC and CBD in their edibles,” said Leslie, “so we took a 1:1 [ratio] of THC to CBD to infuse into a sweet—and slightly tart—black cherry gummy recipe. Buy weed edibles Netherlands


The new saccharine and sour bite-sized Green Hornet black cherry gummies pack a punch,  in both flavor and potency. The brand, after all, is name for its fast-acting, strong impact—and, of course, the cannabis plant’s famous emerald hues.

Gummies are made traditionally with gelatin. The result is an unmistakable “gummy texture that we’ve all become familiar with growing up,” said Leslie, who added, “a large part of our brand is centered around nostalgia and making distinctive connections to memories and experiences. green hornets edibles for sale


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