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Buy biscotti strain online Europe

Our store remains the best place to Buy biscotti strain online in Europe. Rare and indica-dominant (80% indica/20% sativa), the biscotti strain is the result of a tasty cross between the well-known Gelato #25 and Girl Scout Cookies and the South Florida OG strain. A typical indica with an amazingly great flavor, discovered. Each tasty hit of Biscotti is a powerhouse of effects and flavor. The average THC content is extremely high, at 25%. However, biscotti strain for sale Europe, biscotti backpackboyz strain for sale, buy biscotti weed UK, weed in manchester

 biscotti strain for sale Europe

Indica Dominant Hybrid  80%  Indica / 20% Sativa THC: 25%

The mental effects of Biscotti hit you like a ton of bricks, catapulting you into a state of euphoric disorientation. As your thoughts calm, a wave of relaxation will rush over your body. letting you unwind and ignore the outside world. You’ll become giddy and stoned from this high, giggling at everything you see. Biscotti backpackboyz strain for sale

Biscotti’s high THC content and beneficial benefits make it a popular choice for treating diseases like chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and mood swings, as well as chronic pain. The exhale of this bud is rich and spicy, and the inhale tastes like a sugar cookie. Buy biscotti weed UK

Herbal and fruity with a hint of cookies. The nugs of a biscotti bud are long and narrow and a dark olive green color. An abundance of dense, crystalline, dazzling white trichomes contrast with the dark orange hairs. weed in manchester


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14g, OZ (28 GRAMS), QP (112 GRAMS ), HP (223 GRAMS), LB (443 GRAMS)


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