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The flavour of the bud is renowned among consumers as being indescribably scrumptious. The flavour is remarkably reminiscent of banana cream pie! The scent is equally enticing, with undertones of sugary soil complemented by notes of freshly cut bananas and whipped cream. However, you can also Banana cream og for sale, online weed store Europe. Elmer’s glue strain, weed for sale online Europe


Vagrant Hill Farms, located in Forest Grove, Oregon, is the source of the Banana Cream OG strain.

Banana cream og for sale

The Blue Dream, Banana OG, and Ocean Beach OG hybrids were used in the creation of this strain. Orange and minty aromas may be picked up, and the buds have a lime green hue and are quite compact.

A elevated sense of exhilaration that fills you up with tingly and giggly feelings creeps up on you gradually a few minutes after you take a toke of the substance that causes the high. Online weed store Europe

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You will start to feel a growing sense of relaxation that fills both your mind and body as these effects continue to take hold. This will lull you into a mildly sedative condition, but it won’t weigh you down if you decide to get up and start moving around at any point during this time. Marijuana buds derived from the Banana Cream strain are characterised by their piecey, flat, neon green nugs that have golden undertones and sparkling trichomes. Elmer’s glue strain, 8ball weed


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14grams, Ounce ( 28grams), Quater Pound (112grams), HP (223grams), pound ( 443grams)


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