Moon rocks are effectively weed buds dipped in hash oil (or sprayed with it), which you then roll in kief. It is relatively easy to create one, and it is a method of experimentation best enjoyed by cannabis connoisseurs with a high tolerance to weed. You’ll need it because best estimates suggest that they contain around 51% THC! That’s more than double the potency of many powerful marijuana strains. Buy moonrocks online Europe, moonrocks, buy kurupt moonrocks in Europe, moonrocks near me, moonrock joints for sale

There is a suggestion that a dispensary named Starbudz60 was the first to conjure up these powerful balls of bliss. However, the famous West Coast rapper Kurupt has popularized moon rocks. And there is even a special trademarked ‘Kurupt Moonrock’ available for sale. Buy kurupt moonrocks in Europe, near me, moonrock joints for sale

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