Are you a fan of Cali weed strains? At World Green Store we have had a soft spot for the fine USA cannabis varieties produced on the West Coast. Since the early days of the company and so we have been only to pleased to add our own impression to the latest trend for great Cali weed! Our store is the best place to Buy cali packs online Europe and also to get cali weed packs for sale or cali strains in Europe

Buy cali packs online Europe

California has always projected a certain type of image across the world typified by sun, coolness (surfing, Hollywood) and of course – for our buyers at least – superb cali strains in Europe. With all the marketing hype focusing on the latest ‘trendy’ strain the essence of what Cali strains are all about is often lost. Yes it’s about cali weed packs for sale, but the picture is much bigger than that.

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